GALACTIC SPACE DRAGON IPA – Odin Brewing (Vancouver Special)

Galactic Space Dragon IPAIf you have not tried this brilliant IPA yet, then you cannot fully appreciate it’s name – Galactic Space Dragon IPA – as you must gulp on this beer to comprehend that its complex and grand taste profile can only be matched by a name that is of mythical proportions.  It is a tactful amalgamation of the sweet and juicy hop profile of the now-booming NE-style IPAs with the crisper and sharper hop-forward tones of the classic NW IPAs.  So hop on the flying beast of your choice and transport to Malone’s, one of the few bars in the lower mainland -nay THE UNIVERSE- to be pouring this bubbly elixir.

Stay satiated my friends,


Vlad Evdaev, certified cicerone®