Tap Takeover: Red Truck Brewing – July 2018

Red Truck Brewing has been around since the beginning of the craft beer movement in Vancouver and has continuously refining the brews; I am excited to welcome Red Truck to Malone’s as our brewery of July.

red truck brewing vancovuerLet us start the flight with the Golden ale, an ale that drinks like a lager – it is session-able with notes of citrus and honey to balance the biscuit malt backbone. The Czech Point red Pilsner is Red Truck’s twist on the classic Pilsner; it has more of a toasted malt base compared to a classic Pilsner without sacrificing the light body and approachability of Pilsners.  For those of you who like crisp, hoppy, and easy-drinking ales the Citra Down blonde ale is for you – it is dry-hopped with citra hops that shine through with the classic tropical and citrusy NW hop profile and a very light blonde ale base so you can have a couple without feeling weighed down. A truly unique and specific beer to Red Truck is the Blackberry Bourbon ale, which has been so popular that you can find it year-round now (if it is not sold out); the ale is extremely well-balanced with a sweet-tart blackberry flavour and a hint of woodiness from  the bourbon. Lastly, try Red Truck’s take on the vastly popular NE (New England, North East, Hazy, or Juicy) IPA, the Wicked Smaht NE IPA pours hazy blonde and has a smooth mouth feel with prominent citrus and tropical hop tones without the bitterness that accompanies most IPAs – it is refreshing and juicy without a cloying sweetness. Hope you enjoyed the flight.

  • Golden Ale (4.8% ABV)

  • Czech Point Red Pilsner (5.0% ABV)

  • Citra Down Dry-Hopped Blonde Ale (6.0% ABV)

  • Blackberry Bourbon Ale (5.3% ABV)

  • Wicked Smaht NE IPA (6.7 % ABV)

Stay satiated my friends,

Vlad Evdaev, certified cicerone®