The Dunkel

Fall is such an amazing time in Vancouver; as the temperature is dropping the leaves are turning warmer colours, as the shorts and the tanks are disappearing stylish scarves and jackets are appearing, and as the light summer brews are less craved the darker and maltier beers are wanted. Who makes better dark, warming and easy-drinking brews than the German Brewers where they have a beer tradition (more of a law) spanning 5 centuries already. The Dunkel (dark lager) -one of the oldest beers brewed in Germany – was one of the original ales brewed after the Bavarian purity law passed in 1516 regulating beer production to limit the ingredients used in beer to barley malts, hops and water (yeast was not yet known). As they did not have the technology to control the mineral composition of water, brewers in Munich were limited to making dark lagers, which tasted better than other styles attempted with the new limited ingredients.Fast forward 500 years and here you are sitting and stressing over not being able to pick a brew from the dozens of amazing micro brews on tap at Malone’s – an incredible little craft beer joint in downtown Vancouver, so take my advise, trust a tradition that is much older than you and order a Pint of Erdinger Dunkel (ask for a stein if you are feeling lucky).

Stay Satiated my friends!

Vlad Evdaev, certified cicerone®