Watch Football Playoffs at Malone’s

watch super bowl vancouverLet’s be honest, who isn’t showing the NFL playoffs? But, what we are doing different is the big thing!

Our 12th Man menu (Yeah, we’re Seahawks fans) is open with awesome $12 offers including:

  • Jug or beer
  • Burger and beer
  • Poutine and beer
  • Chili fries and beer
  • 5 layer dip and chips and beer
  • nachos
  • 1lb of wings
  • pizza

These offers are on during all playoff games and the Super Bowl.

Not only that but if you wear any NFL jersey you will get 15% off your full bill (excluding 12th menu options)

So who is left in the NFL playoffs for this weekend! 
Saturday 1:35pm – Seahawks vs Falcons
Saturday 5:15pm – Texans vs Pats
Sunday 10:05am – Steelers vs Chiefs
Sunday 1:40pm – Packers vs Cowboys


So who is your money on? Here are some experts picks from the beginning of the football season.