Spectrum Beer Company Tap Takeover – Thursday September 6th

Spectrum Beer Company, based out of Vancouver, dedicated their brand to brewing beers that would appeal to the “people who think they hate beer”.  All their brews are approachable and do not allow any one component to dominate the profile, instead they make balanced beers that often feature fruit to mask the bitterness and malts for those that didn’t acquire the palate for these flavours.  Let’s start the flight with Miss Tanjie, a medium-bodied sessionable wheat beer with a zesty tangerine presence from the addition of tangerine peel. The White Chocolate Stout pours a cozy creme de liqueur colour with hints of biscuit and warm sweet vanilla – perfect for the cooler summer nights that are rolling in.  The Hot Pink Lemonade has a taste that is true to its name; it is sour and refreshing like a lemonade with some raspberry juice added to round out the flavour profile and prevent puckering. The Melon Haze Pale Ale has a smooth mouthfeel, and while the hop profile of honeydew and melon shines bright in this brew it has low bitterness from the hops – making a very balanced and approachable beer.  The last beer on the flight makes its appearance thanks to the Phantom beer project -a sister brand of Spectrum- that brewed Space Force Triple IPA that tips the scale at 10.1% ABV, but is deceptively easy-drinking with a bright citrus palate and accents of stone fruit.

  1. Miss Tanjie Tangerine Wheat (5.0% ABV)

  2. White Chocolate Stout (5.0% ABV)

  3. Hot PInk Lemonade (5.0% ABV)

  4. Melon Haze Pale Ale (5.0% ABV)

  5. Phantom – Space Force Triple IPA (10.1% ABV)

Spectrum Beer Vancouver